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Jade massage balls

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Jade massage balls
Chinese therapy balls

These balls are usually used for meditation and exercise, but they are also good when used for medical reasons. They are used by placing two balls in the palm of your hand and then rotating them clockwise and counterclockwise. Their weight will help you continue to control the balls. Try not to let the balls touch each other during the exercise. Exercising with the balls in your hand not only exercises the muscles of the arm, but also the muscles of the forearm and shoulders.

Many people look for Chinese therapy balls as a product to help with their arthritis symptoms. People have claimed that it helps warm up the hands before they start their hand intensive activities.
Chinese practitioners claim that muscles become agile, bones become stronger, and the mind remains sober with long-term use of health balls. Other benefits are that the blood circulates more freely, and various chronic diseases such as hypertension are prevented from developing. After many years of exercise, your brain becomes healthier and you will notice that your intelligence and memory improve. Moreover, fatigue disappears, worries disappear, stress is reduced and life is eventually extended.



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