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Hand massager

Baoding balls

Baoding balls are spherical objects recommended for patients suffering from fatigue or hand and arm injuries, including recovery after surgery. These balls are typically used in the fingers and hands to perform rotating movements, benefiting the whole body. While rotating Baoding balls, the ar...


Migraine relief mask with cold therapy

  About this product This is a wearable mask to relieve migraine headaches. The stretchy materials it is made of allow it to be easily adjusted to everyone's head. The mask has no firm insert or velcro strap and is comfortable to wear. This natural remedy is simple and safe for everyday use. to ...


Say Goodbye to Back & Neck Pain with Our Cloud Bundle

  -Exclusive Offer for Brits 40-60! "It has a natural ability to reduce back pain."Do you spend at least 6 hours a day sitting in a slouched position?That's why your back is stiff and you feel pain in your back?After several years, this can cause disc damage, nerve compression, and reliance on an...


Jade massage balls

Chinese therapy balls These balls are usually used for meditation and exercise, but they are also good when used for medical reasons. They are used by placing two balls in the palm of your hand and then rotating them clockwise and counterclockwise. Their weight will help you continue to cont...


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